About Me

Let me introduce myself...

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.
— Oscar Wilde

My name is Katherine Connor Duff. I am a Los Angeles-based actress and writer, although I also have ties to San Francisco and New York City. If you were to describe me simply, it would be a curious contrarian. To my acting, I bring my continuously broadening knowledge regarding comedy, history, psychology and drama. My range is as relentlessly multifaceted as my interests; I can play your loyal, smart-ass friend, your wise older sister, or your lover who places a knife square into your back. In my writing, I like to put my inner debating contrarian to good use. My characters are almost always bickering, trading wit and nastiness. I like to expose the ugly thoughts that plague all of us; draped in the lightest banter, of course. Have you ever had an ugly thought that you were ashamed of? I bet you have. And I bet I can make it hysterical.