Diner Theatre


Four insecure, young actors walk into a diner before their shared audition. Insults are lobbed. Egos are bruised. Failure is inevitable. 

6M 4F


The Four Seasons of Woman


One left at the church. One left in the ivory tower. One left prostrate on the altar of feminism. And one left between the sheets. Men will tear women apart...if we don't do it to ourselves first. Damn, women have it rough, don't we?



Twist, Pull,  Smoke, Run-Motherfucker-Run!


A combat veteran back from Afghanistan. A young woman trying to understand her lover. And PTSD himself, tormenting a broken mind. War is hell.

2m 1f


Teleplay (Coming Soon!)


Lake Poconos


The year is 1981. The camp: Poconos. The theme: Horror. The victims: A drunken old prostitute, a psychic child, sex-crazed camp counselors, a heroin-abusing gardener, a satanist priest, a Dream Killer, and Russians. Why not?